11 Must-Have Women MMA Gear Essentials

women mma gear

Want to know the best essential’s for women MMA gear that every women needs for MMA training? These are the recommended and approved women MMA gear training products you need to know about.

womens mma training gear

Getting into MMA training, Muay Thai Kickboxing, or martial arts is extremely exciting and if you are anything like us, you are going to want to make sure you’re very prepared. As martial arts enthusiast ourselves, we are you sharing with you the top women mma gear essentials that we recommend to people.

You are going to learn about all the women mma gear essentials from; women mma clothing, women fight shorts, women’s boxing gloves, women’s shin guards and more.

After learning about all of these women’s mma training products you are going to be a pro and extra prepared when going to the gym for your next mma training workout.

This post is all about the best women mma gear essentials that every women should know about.

Best Women MMA Gear essentials

1. Best Women’s MMA Gloves

One of the MMA training essentials that you will need is MMA gloves for striking. This exact pair is one of the top-rated MMA gloves on Amazon.

You are going to want to specifically look for MMA gloves with good reviews, quality, and ones affordable to your budget. You can’t go wrong when using Sanabul gear its quite popular in the community. This will ensure your hands will be protected during kickboxing classes, hitting pads, and the heavy bag.

2. Best Women’s MMA Boxing Gloves

Want similar Venum gloves in a different color? Venum offers a variety of glove sizes and styles. Check them out on amazon. The recommended glove size is 16oz for the heavy bag or sparring training. You can use 12oz or 14oz for pad work or if you feel your knuckles are conditioned enough.

3. Handwraps for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai

These Sanabul Handwraps come in a variety of colors and are best-rated on Amazon. There’s plenty of colors to choose from to match your style.

Boxing Handwraps are important for protecting the small bones in the hands, the standard length is 180″. Its best to get multiple pairs if you’ll be training frequently during the week, because they’ll be absorbing sweat and can get smelly.

4. Boxing Glove Deodorizers

Its not uncommon for boxing gloves to become sweaty and smelly after training sessions and you might be wondering why your gym bag and clothes are clean but there’s just a lingering odor. Well ladies all that hard work in the gym is paying off. but you don’t want to scare off your gym crush by stinking. Do yourself a favor and invest in boxing glove deodorizers like these.

5. Shin Guards for Kickboxing and Muay Thai

With the rise in popularity of Muay Thai Kickboxing its important to know shin guards can be used to protect your shins from bruises.

Now if you won’t be doing technical drills these might not be necessary for you but speaking from experience many women do not like kicking the heavy bags without using shin guards. It’s not uncommon to see people in kickboxing classes using them even though there isn’t technical drills. So decide if you can tolerate impact from kicking, overtime the shins do strengthen and condition.

6. Jump Rope

While a jump rope isn’t the highest item on the list, its definitely on the list for a great cardiovascular workout.

Jump roping is usually an essential tool for a fighters for strength and endurance because its great for building foot, ankle, calf muscles and tendons.

Its also great item to have for training in small space and as a gym bag stuffer too!

7. A Gym Bag

A gym bag is great for storing all your favorite training gear, clothes, and women accessories.

A gym bag is an essential piece for your gym collection and it can be used for other purposes like travel too!

This gym bag has great storage space, pockets, and comes in different colors. Check it out on Amazon.

These items would make great gift for any martial arts training enthusiast, most of the gear should last one to two years or more depending on the amount of training you’d be doing.

This Post was all about women mma gear essentials

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